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Being a wife and mom, I understand the sentiment behind every portrait. You'll get in front of a camera, vulnerable enough to take these images. You'll hang them up on your walls, send them out for the world to see, present them as gifts to family and friends, and see them everyday. As you look at your photo's they will remind you of a precious moment from a beautiful season of your life. My roll is to capture the moments that will impart the feelings, smiles, joy, and bliss you feel during this season of your life and for you to remember for all the seasons to come. 


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Hello Sunshine

Faith based, girly, rock n' roll chick.
I only like coffee with my oxygen.
My husband and I once had a blog called The Florida Foodies.
Taco Tuesday's are celebrated weekly in our house.
Adrenaline junkie.
Self-help book junkie with a mix of fiction.
Medium rare steak with roasted brussel sprouts
and mac n cheese is my all time favorite meal.
My husband's pet name is Formidable.
I pray ALOT.
I will beat you at guessing any song.
Florida Native.
Wisdom seeker.
Techy wizard.
Habitual organizer & re-decorater.

Lover of light

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"I feel it is the heart, not the eye, that should determine the content of a photograph. What the eye see's is it's own. What the heart can perceive is a very different matter."


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YAY! You're getting Married! I can't wait to know more about your story and how it all lead you to one of the most beautiful times of your life and here looking for your Florida wedding photographer! I have been married for 4 years now and have attended many weddings, both as a guest and photographer, so I can wholeheartedly say that I love weddings. I can't wait to capture the abundance of joy this day brings and the breath-taking journey to the alter. 

Whether you are celebrating an engagement, anniversary, a special family moment or are just hoping to get up to date photos, I am thrilled to capture it all for you! 

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